The lack of certain vitamins can cause or exacerbate depression

The lack of certain vitamins can cause or exacerbate depression

All organs and cells in our body need nutrients that provides daily food to carry out their functions properly. An unbalanced diet can produce widely specific deficiencies of certain vitamins or minerals that are manifested by a series of symptoms such as apathy or reluctance, irritability, fatigue and inattention. Among these, we will highlight the followings:

– Iron deficiency is associated with alterations in brain functioning, decreased concentration, memory lapses;
– Lack of magnesium makes us susceptible to stress;
– Shortage of thiamine (B1) is a cause of depression, irritability, poor concentration and poor memory;
– A slight deficiency niacin (B3) can cause depression;
– The lack of pyridoxine (B6) can cause irritability and depression and low B12 alterations in the nervous system.

To correct these deficiencies, supplements can be taken, however it is important to obtain them naturally from foods. Below are the good sources of these crucial viamins and minerals our brains need.

– Iron: meat, liver, egg yolk, legumes, nuts, whole grains and fortified;
– Magnesium: cereals, vegetables and fruits, nuts, chocolate, water;
– Thiamine: whole grains, vegetables and meats;
– Niacin: viscera, meat, fish, legumes and whole grains;
– Pyridoxine: whole grains, liver, nuts, brewer ‘s yeast;
– Vitamin B12: meat, eggs, fish, dairy products, certain algae and fermented soy.

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