Too Low Cholesterol and Mental Health

Too Low Cholesterol and Mental Health

While a too low cholesterol levels is not as common as elevated levels, it may be an indicator of a number of diseases (Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, bowel cancer, hyperthyroidism, hepatic damage) and trigger symptoms such as depression, lower memory and attention. A too low total cholesterol is present approximately at a value below 100 mg / dl. This corresponds to the equivalent of 2.6 mmol / l, a further conventional unit (SI unit). Get information on the normal cholesterol levels here.

Effects of low cholesterol on mental health

Data sets have shown that patients with low blood cholesterol levels often suffer particularly of nightmares. This applies to both subjects, which naturally have a low cholesterol level as well as for patients who are being treated with cholesterol-lowering drugs. Therefore nightmares are among the potential side effects of cholesterol-lowering drugs. Also shown is a relationship between cholesterol levels and memory performance. Patients present during treatment with cholesterol-lowering drugs had a significantly lower memory and attention than untreated subjects. The link seems directly related to the LDL levels. The reduction in cognitive abilities through to memory loss are also among the potential side effects of cholesterol-lowering drug today.

Depression and Aggression – amplified by low cholesterol?

As memory function and nightmares seem to stand as associated with low cholesterol levels, there is an increased incidence of depression and aggression as well. Various studies have shown that low cholesterol levels of less than 160 mg / dl doubles the risk for the onset of depression. There are differences between men and women: in men, the risk of depression increases when the LDL level is too low, while in women, the risk of suffering from depression, is increasing at too low HDL levels. The result was confirmed in a study in elderly, depressed patients. Those of them who have been treated with a cholesterol-lowering drug, had an increased by nearly 80 percent relative risk of suffering from depression. The surveys of patients show that the cholesterol lowering went with a negative change of mood. The picture is completed by a study that could make a direct correlation between the total cholesterol level and the potential for aggression. Teenage girl with a very low cholesterol levels had increased risk by three times to be expelled from school.

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